Terrific Job Selling Our House!

We wanted to take a moment to tell you about our experience working with Julia Kellogg in getting an accepted offer on our home in Menomonee Falls.  Julia lives three doors down from us, but we decided to go with her as our listing agent not because she is our neighbor and friend,  but because of her professionalism and honesty.  We know about a half a dozen realtors and are close friends with some of them so we had a fairly large group of agents to choose from.  We felt most comfortable with Julia and boy she sure didn’t disappoint.  We listened to her recommendations and she listened to our concerns and together we made a great team in getting the offer on our house.  We received some pressure from one of the agents whose clients wanted our house.  They offered us $5,000 over asking price, but wanted an answer within 24 hours.  This went against our earlier decision to hold all offers until 3/11 at 6:00 pm.  We felt that it would not be right to change what we had told other agents simply because we received a good offer.  Julia backed our decision 100% and felt strongly that we would be receiving even better offers.  She was right.  We accepted an offer that was almost $13,000 over asking price.


We cannot recommend Julia highly enough.  She was awesome to work with.  Keller Williams is lucky to have her.  We look forward to a good inspection tomorrow and closing on 4/13.  Then its off to our new life on Kauai.